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When you like something it's an opinion, when I like something it's a manifesto

Mad, bad, and dangerous to know

the girl with the dayglo heart
26 December 1982
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Friends only. If I don't know you and you want to add me for some reason, we can talk.
I talk about John Linnell a lot. A whole lot. You have been warned.
I have another journal for my writing, frustratednsad, and I moderate tmbgfanfic, tmbg_challenge, and bassethounds.
I have a filter where I talk about sex. If you'd like to be on it, just ask.
Ant: there are a lot of people that are really, really, weird-obsessive about things
Ant: and really, tmbg (especially linnell) is one of the most reasonable things to be weird-obsessive about
Ant: i mean, there are so many millions of things that are not as worthy
"I want to express my being as fully as I can because I somewhere picked up the idea that I can justify my being alive that way." ~Sylvia Plath

1980's childhood nostalgia, 718-387-6962, abandoned buildings, accordions, american girl, animal rights, astrology, autumn, barely speaking german, basset hounds, bdsm, being a girly-girl (sometimes), being a native texan, being an english major, being surrounded by books, bipolar disorder, bisexuality, bitch magazine, bob dylan, brighid, british spellings, brooklyn, bruce springsteen, canada, cats, collecting things, conan o'brien, converse all-stars, cosmic irony, dachshunds, dead boyfriends, death, decadent intellectualism, dictionaries and thesauri, dogs, dollar stores, drinking too much coffee, emily dickinson, england, ephemera, ernest hemingway, erotomania, etymology, f. scott fitzgerald, feminism, found objects, frasier, going to concerts, historical counterculture types, history, holgas, houston, houston sports teams, irony, jack kerouac, john linnell, john linnell addiction (really), john linnell's everything, john linnell's fashion sense, john linnell's glasses, john linnell's hair, john linnell's hands, john linnell's spazzy arm-movements, john linnell's teeth, john linnell's veiny arms, john vanderslice, john/john, jones soda, keeping a real journal, keith olbermann, kids in the hall, knitting, kurt vonnegut, late-night ihop runs, learning new things, libraries, making lists, manccordions, mental illness, mix tapes, naming inanimate objects, nanowrimo, nerdiness, not straightening my hair, not suffering fools gladly, obsessiveness, obsolete objects, office supplies stores, old movies, penpals, photographing carnivals and cemeteries, photography, poetry, polaroids, progressive politics, psychology, random cute girls, ray bradbury, reading voraciously, reproductive justice, road trips, sapphire bullets, scrapbooking, seattle, self-injury, sewing, sex, simon & garfunkel, skeletal guys, sloan, smith college, snl, snoopy, so bad it's good, steely dan, stripey things, sylvia plath, tarot, the beat generation, the beatles, the onion, the sims 3, the twilight zone, the velvet underground, they might be giants, thinking too much, threadless, thrift store fashion, tortured artistic souls, trachtenburg family slideshow players, transient exuberance, traveling, trombones, typewriters, u2, unwarranted idealism, used bookstores, using archaic expressions, vegetarianism, vintage anything, warren zevon, weird warning labels, wicca, william shakespeare, words, writing, writing and drinking coffee, xtc, young adult books, zines